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Even though the Museum has reopened, we encourage you to immerse yourself in our collections and more online activities all throughout the year.

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Dive into Philadelphia's maritime history, the life of a sailor, the beginnings of the U.S. Navy and more by searching our online catalog, anywhere and anytime!

Collections at Independence Seaport Museum span from the 18th century through the present and touch upon numerous topics, from social and economic issues during the nation's founding to the effects of the Industrial Revolution to the Delaware River today.


Ever seen a chicken bone boat model? Or wanted to learn how to clean a winch? Tune in to our new video series to visit the Collections Corner with Chief Curator Craig Bruns; spend Workshop Wednesdays in the Workshop on the Water; climb aboard Cruiser Olympia and Submarine Becuna for behind-the-scenes tours; and more.

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January, among many things, is the start of a new year.  Where goals are set (and hopefully) kept throughout the year

ISM is encouraging all our fans and followers (and staff!) to do good from home for the whole month of January (and heck, the whole year!).  We've created a BINGO card that outlines easy choices you can make to ensure that our local waterways and environment as a whole stay healthy!

Click here to start!  As you complete tasks, take a picture and share on social media (don't forget to tag us!).  We'd love to see what you are up to.


Light on Steel on Water

If you haven't gotten a chance to see Light on Steel on Water (pictured right), the newest installation in our Waterways Gallery, in person, now you can check it out online! Click here to explore the exhibit. The pieces featured in the exhibit are available for purchase; for more information, contact

Online Exhibits

Ever wonder why so many sailors have tattoos? Or who some of the earliest leaders in the U.S. Navy were, even during the Revolutionary War? Explore our online exhibits to learn about the naval origins of tattooing, meet Commodore Richard Dale, understand how the rise and fall of the Philadelphia Commercial Museum altered American industry, and much more.

Digital Lesson Plans

Dive into our exhibit River Alive! and explore the Delaware River watershed, right from your own home! Click here to download our digital curriculum guide for grades 9-12.

What's Sea-Portin'

The port of Philadelphia plays an important role in the import and export of goods around the world. Click here to explore the following presentation for comparisons of U.S. ports and the Philly port on things like top import/export and trade partners. Anything surprise you?

Just released, an updated presentation as of May 2020.  Click here to compare to what's above. 

Why Care About the Delaware River?

Did you know any time you turn on your tap you're using water from the Delaware River? Click here to learn more about how the river serves our community and how you can protect our waterways. 

Classy Plankton

How can you tell the difference between phytoplankton and zooplankton? Why are plankton important members of our ecosystem? How do they benefit the Delaware River watershed? Learn how to classify plankton and fill in coloring pages in this fun activity! Click here.

ISM Honors the 75th Anniversary of V-J Day

September 2, 2020 marked the 75th Anniversary of Japan's unconditional surrender aboard USS Missouri.  ISM collected various submarine facts to highlight the important role they played during World War II.  While these facts (along with videos) were shared on social media, you can see the 8 slide presentation here

Submarine Becuna

Want to submerge yourself in more history about Submarine Becuna?  Or maybe you want to take a deep dive into her GUPPY conversion or her service post World War II.  Whatever you are interested in we have you covered with this Becuna PowerPoint presentation.  Click here to download. 


Bathtub Boats

Have extra recycling piling up? Upcycle the materials you already have at home to create your own Cruiser Olympia and more in our new arts and crafts series, Bathtub Boats! Check back each week for a new project.

Bathtub Boats: Cruiser Olympia
Bathtub Boats: Submarine Becuna
Bathtub Boats: Coffee Cup Sailboat
Bathtub Boats: Wine Cork Sailboat

Coloring Sheets

What is stay-home fun without coloring? Download and print these coloring sheets of Cruiser Olympia, butterflies, mussels, and more!

Cruiser Olympia
Fly-fishing lures 
Mayfly nymph
Minnow & Catfish
Freshwater mussel anatomy
Giant Swallowtail butterfly

River Alive! Matching Game

Bring a little bit of our award-winning River Alive! exhibit right into your home with our River Alive! Matching Game.  Designed with our exhibit critters (the River Otter is our favorite!), this is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy.  Simply print the document below double sided and then cut into cards.  After that, let the games begin.

Click here to download the Matching Game.

Build Your Own Olympia!

Want to build your very own piece of history? Straight from our collections we have scanned a paper model of Olympia for you to build at home. This little model was originally printed as a supplement to the Philadelphia Press newspaper in 1896! We recommend printing full color on cardstock or heavy paper but regular copy paper will do. This model can be printed on standard 8.5x11 paper or for a larger size, 11x17. Cut out each piece with good, sharp scissors, paste with plain white glue, and with a little patience you’ll have a fine model of Olympia to proudly display.

*Note, this model can be completed following the original instructions with a straight edged ruler, hobby knife, scissors and white glue. For rolling the funnels and turrets, it is recommended to use a pencil or any other rounded object to roll those pieces.

Click here to download your own Olympia model.

Historic Ships Bingo

Gather your crew and answer trivia questions to test your knowledge about Cruiser Olympia, Submarine Becuna and Schooner Diligence with these bingo cards! 

Olympia Bingo
Becuna Bingo
Diligence Bingo

Zoom Backgrounds

Wishing you could transport yourself aboard Submarine Becuna during your next Zoom meeting? Want to enjoy a scenic view  beneath the Ben Franklin Bridge at your virtual happy hour? Try out one of our Zoom virtual backgrounds and look like you're wading through eel grass in River Alive!, in command aboard Cruiser Olympia, kayaking out to Graffiti Pier and more! Download them below and upload them during your next Zoom meeting!

Zoom - Olympia
Zoom - Becuna
Zoom - Graffiti Pier
Zoom - Bridge
Zoom - Walnut2Walnut
Zoom - River Alive!