Help Us Re-Open Olympia's Quarterdeck!  

During Olympia's service period, the quarterdeck was reserved for the Ship's officers, crew muster call, and accepting and greeting dignitaries and Presidents, including Theodore Roosevelt, who visited the Ship in 1899.  When visiting the quarterdeck, you can see up-close the vessel's impressive armament, peer into the admiral's and captain's quarters, and feel what it was like to lounge on the stern of a Victorian-era warship.  

We've heard your request for more access aboard Olympia but we need YOUR help!  ISM has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for much-needed upgrades to the Quarterdeck.  With your support we hope to open the space for self-guided tours immediately upon completion in Spring 2021.   

To learn more about the campaign and to make a donation, click the link below. 

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