Seafarin Saturday

Seafarin' Saturday is a chance for children and parents to participate in nautical activities and experience adventures of distant shores. From making pirate battle rattles to sailor valentines, children are sure to dive into fun! Seafarin' Saturdays are perfect for youth groups such as scouts. Seafarin' Saturdays are held every Saturday inside the Museum from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is free with admission.  


June 27 - Tall Ships of America 

Come to the banks of the Delaware River and experience the Tall Ships of America Festival. 

July 4 - Freedom Boats

Create your own boat with the celebration and festivities of the fourth of July in mind. 

 July 11 - Plastic Bottle Submarine

Learn about bouncy and ballast as you create your own submarine and test it out on the waters in the museum. 

July 18 - Through the Porthole of a Submarine

Imagine what underwater pioneers and sailors would see if they were looking through a porthole in the Delaware River.

July 25 - Recycled Sub

Understand the different parts of a submarine by creating your own out of recycled cardboard.