Seafarin Saturday

Nautical activities and experience adventures of distant shores for the whole family! From making pirate battle rattles to sailor valentines, children are sure to dive into fun. Seafarin' Saturdays are held every Saturday inside the Museum from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All activities are free with admission.  

Seafarin' Saturday Schedule


November 5 
Invasive Species - Flying Carp: Investigate the dangers and impact of invasive species in our waterways and how you can help. 

November 12 
Penny Pendant: Learn about Veterans Day, why we celebrate it and create your very own penny pendant. 

November 19 
Early Explorers: Learn about what life was like for the early explorers of our region. 

November 26 
Wampum Belt: Who used them and why? You'll even get to create your own wampum belt. 


December 3
Plastic Bottle Submarine: See how submarines work and build your own with recycled materials. 

December 10 
Ocean Zones: Learn about the Ocean's zones and the creatures that live within them. Plus create an ocean in a bottle which you'll get to take home. 

December 17
Nautical Knot Ornament: See how sailors tie knots and make your own sailors knot ornament.