Seafarin Saturday

Seafarin' Saturday is a chance for children and parents to participate in nautical activities and experience adventures of distant shores. From making pirate battle rattles to sailor valentines, children are sure to dive into fun! Seafarin' Saturdays are perfect for youth groups such as scouts. Seafarin' Saturdays are held every Saturday inside the Museum from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is free with admission.  


January 31 -  Marking Time Bunk Drawings 

Imagine you're a sailor on the U.S.N.S. Walker. Create your own bunk drawings and messages to your fellow sailors.

February 7- Tides of Freedom & World Percussion Jam Session

Join Art-Reach and the Seaport Museum for a culture-filled afternoon! First, attend an interactive world percussion workshop with Tony Mascara where you will learn about AND play percussion instruments from around the globe. Then take a self-guided tour of Tides of Freedom, the Seaport Museum’s latest exhibition that uses “four key moments in Philadelphia’s history representing the themes of Enslavement, Emancipation, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights”. 

Tides of Freedom urges visitors “both to bear witness to a story central to Philadelphia and American history, and to think about the meaning of freedom both historically and in today’s world.”

Please RSVP to Nicole at 267-515-6724 prior to attending. Tickets can be purchased and picked up at the door.

February 14 - Sailor Sweetheart Tattoos 

Learn the history of tattoos and get your own tattoo to share with your sweetheart.

February 21 - Lunar New Year

Ongoing activities with Lunar New Year.

February 28 - Early Explorers

The life of an early explorer was much different than our own lives today. Learn about the life and hardships of the first explorers of our land.