River Alive Nights

Enjoy a night out at Independence Seaport Museum that includes a unique lab activity, a feature program you won't be able to stop talking about and drinks that surround the theme of the night. All attendees must be 21+ years old. 1 drink ticket included with registration. 

Discover new things about the Philadelphia waterfront relating to its history, science and natural environment while meeting new people. 

River Alive Nights Schedule
May 4 - May the Fourth Be With You 
July 13 - Survivor: Petty Island 
September 14 - Frequent Flyers 
November 9 - Time Traveling Waterfront

May 4: May the Fourth Be With You
A long time ago, but in waters not so far away, sword fighting and celestial navigation helped sailors travel around our globe. Learn basic fight choreography, how to navigate this galaxy's waterways using our night sky and get instructions on how to make your own light-up sword on a 3D printer. Dissect sea stars in our Citizen Science Lab. Meet live animals from The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University and see how extreme environments have led to some amazing adaptations. Dress up in your best "Astro Battle" themed costumes for the chance to win prizes! This is the fun you've been looking for. Includes 1 drink ticket. 

Time: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. 

Cost: $14 for members 
$18 for non-members 

July 13: Survivor: Petty Island  
If you were stranded on an island (Petty's Island, in the Delaware River, actually), how would you survive? Plan your adventure without leaving the mainland and clean up the water's edge with found object boat building. Become one with nature as you identify edible plants and how to watch animals for hunting and tracking. While away the lonely hours with a make-and-take rope bracelet and learn how to signal rescuers with Morse code. Includes one drink and a visit to our historic ships before 8 p.m. 

September 14: Frequent Flyers 
Look to the skies and you can see it's migration season for birds and monarchs. Learn who's overhead with bird sight and call identification or who might be staying behind for a little while longer in the wetlands, as you quench your thirst with the evening's signature cocktail. Help our winged friends safely fly south for the winter by making your own window clings and meet our special avian guest, soaring through town for one night only. 

November 9: Time Traveling Waterfront 
Philadelphia's rivers and streams have been its life source since our city was founded but they haven't always looked the way they do today. How did islands "disappear" from the Delaware? And why? Travel through time and space without leaving the Museum to discover how water has shaped our city, how we have shaped our waterways, and how industry and environment are learning to live more harmoniously on our shores. Toast to the health of the river with a special beverage.  

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