Premium Group Tours

Independence Seaport Museum now offers specialized, behind the scenes tours for groups of 10 or more. Take a below-decks tour of Olympia, discover rare maps from the collection, or explore modern boat building practices at the Museum, all with a guided tour from an expert in each field. 

Premium Group Tours include:

  • Choice of guided tour from our one-of-a-kind tour options (listed below)
  • Choice of lunch or dinner, with upgrade options available upon request 
  • Free Motorcoach parking
  • Museum and Historic Ship admissions

Premium Group Tour experiences with dining start at only $46 per person! 

Premium Group Tour Topics:

Rum Punch & Revolution

Go aboard our historic ships, Olympia & Becuna, and experience the waterfront's rich history and how it has transformed our country. Then take a guided walking tour through Old City and feast on a fantastic lunch or dinner at Chef Walter Staib's famed City Tavern, which includes a Rum Punch toast. Plus, a sea captain or pirate just might show up with yarns to tell about maritime life in historic Philadelphia.

Olympia Engine Room: Behind the Scenes and Technology (ages 12 and older)

Explore the inner workings of the oldest surviving steel warship still afloat! This tour includes an in-depth look at the engine and boiler rooms including a demonstration of working machinery and technical discussions of communications and propulsion technologies.


Olympia Hard Hat Experience (ages12 and older)

How do we preserve a 120 year old vessel? This tour will visit wing passages, boiler rooms, bunkers and other spaces below the berth deck to view the inside surface of the hull adjacent to the waterline both above and below the armor deck in order to observe and discuss preservation efforts. And yes, a hard hat is required.


Olympia vs. Titanic Engineering Feats & Marvels (ages 12 and older)

This tour of the engine spaces and boiler rooms takes us back to a different time. Technical discussions comparing propulsion and construction commonalities and differences between the Olympia and the Titanic include key features that may have led to the Titanic’s loss.


Becuna: Behind the Scenes (ages 12 and older)

How does a WWII sub work? This tour explores the inner workings of Submarine Becuna and includes the Conning tower and Periscopes. Discover if you have what it takes to be a WWII submariner!

Life of a Sailor (Good for all ages)

What was life like on USS Olympia in 1898? Examine and discuss the sick bay, galley and ice machinery. Compare advancements in sterilization, medicine, and food prep and storage methods with modern-day practices. Discover first hand accounts of the 1898 battle of Manila Bay for demonstrations.


Guns, Cannons, Artillery & Ammunition (ages 10 and older)

Compare the weapon systems on an 1812 frigate with those of the 1893 USS Olympia and the 1942 Battleship New Jersey (BBNJ). This experience includes a live firing of the gun drills on warship Olympia, as well as a discussion of BBNJ 16" guns.


Rare Maps & Treasures (Good for all ages)

Guests will view and discuss rare maps from as early as the fifteenth and sixteenth century from around the world. Some maps connect to the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia’s early maritime history.
Explore Philadelphia and the World through these historic rare maps and discover your own treasure!


Before Colonial Philadelphia - the Waterfront (Good for all ages)

Guests will explore the changing waterfront and the earliest history of the City starting with Swedish and Dutch Settlement. There is a large focus on William Penn and early City politics. The time period explored is roughly 1660 to 1776. We all know the Declaration of Independence. It’s time to find out what came before it in the City of Brotherly Love.


Mastery Boat Building (Ages 12 and older)

Tour the Workshop on the Water with the expertise of a Master Boat builder. Focus will be on present shop projects and the process of designing and building Wooden Boats. Learn the basics of how a boat builder works from plans on paper to building a life-size vessel.


Moshulu Packages and Menus

To view Moshulu lunch and dinner menus and prices, please download the document below. *Please note that all Premium Tours may be booked without a Moshulu meal package at the rate of $20.00 per person. 

Premium Tour Packages Groups and Menus


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