O.T.W. - On The Water: The Schuylkill River

October 24, 2018 - September 2019

This project began as a series of conversations between artists, rowers and historians, about the Schuylkill River as a nexus of American art, science, literature and commerce. Celebrating the spirit of exploration and expeditionary journal-painting, this exhibition also presents historic images in conversation with contemporary River Artists. Patrick Connors, Tom Judd, Deirdre Murphy, Stacy Levy, Jacob Rivkin and Joseph Sweeney  Join McElhinney in welcoming us to rediscover Philadelphia’s Hidden River, perhaps with a sketchbook in hand, to discover its wonders anew.


Meet The Artist

Artist, author and historian, James Lancel McElhinney was born and raised in the Delaware Valley. Holding degrees from Tyler School of Art and Yale University, he is best known for his Hudson Valley journals, and paintings of historic battlegrounds. In 2017, McElhinney received a Pollock Krasner Grant, and published Hudson Highlands: North River Suite Volume One, a suite of contemporary prints in the spirit of 19th-century topographical art. His focus today is on American waterways.

To see more of his works, visit his website.


The artist would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the exhibit:

Virginia S. Baltzell
Richard B. Baxter, Jr.
Hanley and Isabelle Bodek
Brilliant Graphics
Dotty Brown 
Gardner Cadwalader 
John Chatzky
Clinton Corbett
Julie Courtney
Andrew Drabkin 
Cindi Royce Ettinger
Mollie Bolger Jensen
Robert Johnson
Gerald Lawrence
Adam Levine
Elizabeth Lindsay
Cynthia MacLeod
Dr. Lawrence Miller 
Ralph Nagel
Jim and Mary Purtill
Sid Sachs
Janet Wilson Smith
Joseph Sweeney
George Ellsworth Turnbull
Bob Tursack
Andrew Webster