Old City Seaport Festival Boats

The Tall Ships and Boats participating in Old City Seaport Festival create an atmosphere of maritime charm, history and fun for all! Visitors can enjoy a river tour on the Delaware River, take deck tours of the Tall Ships and wonder through the seas of antique and classic boats on Penn's Landing and in the basin. To participate as a boat vendor at the Festival, download and print the application here.

Attending Ships

  1. Gazela Primiero
  2. Pride of Baltimore II
  3. Mystic Whaler
  4. A.J. Meerwald
  5. El Galeón Andalucía

Gazela Primiero

Gazela Primiero, Philadelphia's official Tall Ship, is a 177' barkentine. Built in 1901 at the shipyard of J. M. Mendes in Setubal, Portgual. Gazela was built to carry fisherman to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Every spring she would leave Lisbon, laden with as many as 35 dories stacked on deck like drinking cups, a crew of 40 men and a couple of apprentices. In her hold she would be 90 tons of salt, which would be used for the cod fish that were caught, preserving them for the long trip home. Gazela is owned and operated by the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. For more information, visit Gazela Primiero.






Pride of Baltimore II

As the Goodwill Ambassador of the State of Maryland and the Port of Baltimore, the 157' Pride of Baltimore II  has sailed nearly 200,000 miles and visited over 200 ports in 40 countries in North, South and Central America, Europe, and Asia. Commissioned in 1988 as a sailing memorial to her immediate predecessor, Pride of Baltimore, the original Pride of BaltimorePridell is owned and operated by Pride of Baltimore, Inc. in Baltimore, MD. For more information, visit Pride of Baltimore II.






Mystic Whaler

Mystic Whaler is a 110' steel reproduction of a late 19th century coastal cargo schooner that was designed for the passenger trade by Chubb Crockett of Camden, Maine. She was built in 1967 in Tarpon Springs, FL and was rebuilt in 1993 in Providence, RI. For more information, visit the Mystic Whaler.







A.J. Meerwald

A.J. Meerwald, a 115-foot oyster schooner, launched in 1928 and was one of hundreds of schooners built along South Jersey's Delaware Bayshore before the decline of the shipbuilding industry that coincided with the Great Depression. Her construction is 'oak on oak': oak planks laid on oak frames as was the tradition in Dorchester built vessels. She has relatively light scantlings, no knees and no horntimber, also characteristic of Dorchester schooners. 

River Tour schedule:                                                                                Saturday and Sunday, October 11-12                                                         10:00-11:30 a.m., 1:30-3 p.m., & 4:30-6:00 p.m.

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El Galeón Andalucía

​El Galeón Andalucía is a reproduction of a late 16th century fabled merchant vessel and war ship that made up the early navies of Europe.  She is the only galeón class vessel sailing the open seas today. Galeóns were constructed from oak, pine and various hardwoods for hull and decking.