Philadelphia Rowing: Breaking Barriers

March 31 - January 1, 2018

From humble roots powering 18th century ferries, to the establishment of the enduring Schuylkill Navy, Philadelphia has long been our nation's center for rowing. Throughout rowing's esteemed history there have been innovations and accomplishments that have broken barriers of class, gender, race and ability. Uncover stories of the first women's club, leading-edge adaptive rowing, and the empowerment of individuals who have risen from modest beginnings to personal fulfillment and gold-medal achievements. 

This exhibit was guest curated by Virginia Baltzell, Hanley Bodek, Gardner Cadwalader, and dedicated members of the rowing community. 

Contributing Organizations
Bachelors Barge Club
Breaking Barriers
Malta Boat Club
Pennsylvania Center For Adapted Sports
Philadelphia City Rowing
Schuylkill Navy
Shirley Road Productions
Undine Barge Club
University Barge Club
Vesper Boat Club
Vespoli Racing Shells
Contributing Individuals
Dwayne Adams
Bevin Aquila
Virginia Baltzell
Hanley Bodek
Dotty Brown
Scott Brown
Gardner Cadwalader
Tom Darcy
Joanne Iverson
Ann Jonik
Frances McElroy
Bill Munley
Meghan Musnicki
Darya Nemati
Suze Reilly
Maurice Scott
Richard Stehlik
Joe Sweeney
Susan Kelly vonMedicus
Jennifer Wesson
Special Thanks
John Chatzky
Alexandra Golaszewska
Henry Hauptfuhrer
Sarah Marshall
James L. McElhinney