Boy Scouts of America

Signs, Signals and Codes

Learn how to use visual communication through Morse code, signal flags and semaphore. This is one of our Seaport Slumbers at the Museum. Overnight programs include a complimentary late-night snack and light breakfast. The program is $50 per person with a requirement of a minimum of 30 people to reserve a night. Dates are flexible and can be arranged to accommodate your group. Please note, badges must be acquired from Boy Scouts of America


Experience what it's like to work in our very own Workshop on the Water. Scouts learn all the basics to woodworking while creating their own tool box. This program works towards the Boy Scouts Woodworking merit badge or the Cub Scouts Baloo the Builder Adventure Loop. Please note that this is a day program only. Day programs are $15 per student. 


Gain a navigation loop when completing fun activities throughout our Museum. Cub Scouts will learn all about maps, including how to draw a compass rose and a map to scale. They'll also take on a scavenger hunt within the Museum by using only a compass to guide their way. This will enable them to become adept at utilizing a compass.

Cub scouts may earn their "Finding Your Way" adventure loop during this Seaport Slumber. 

Please remember that Scouts will receive verification that they completed the requirements, however, Independence Seaport Museum does not provide the official loop. 

For additional information, please call 215-413-8663 or email