Tugboats: The Art of Dave Boone


The exhibition, located in the Museum’s 2nd floor community gallery, presents the journey of one man’s lifelong love of tugboats. Tugboats: The Art of Dave Boone is curated by Dave Boone, an award-winning artist who built two careers from a single boyhood experience with a tug. Tugboats: The Art of Dave Boone will be on display until August 4, 2013.


Tugboats: The Art of Dave Boone not only showcases the artist's beautifully detailed artwork, but also portrays the life and progression of his passion for tugboats. Boone has honed his self-taught skills to produce vivid, well-detailed watercolor paintings of contemporary and historical ships and tugboats. He continues to paint commissions for the maritime community and his extensive knowledge and artistic ability combines to make his maritime subjects come alive.

Boone, from Camden, New Jersey, knew at the young age that he would find his place in the maritime community. As a young boy he would venture along the Newton Creek in his father’s homemade rowboats and capture the river traffic. From ships to the ever-present tugboats, Boone would sketch what he saw in pencil.

In 1960 Boone showed his painting for a ride on the Curtis Bay Towing Company tugboat REEDY POINT. In March 1971, Boone started full-time employment with Curtis Bay as a dispatcher. Rising through the ranks, he was promoted to Operations Manager in 1992. After 28 years, he retired at the end of 1999. He and his wife reside in Oaklyn, NJ.