SeaPerch Program






Independence Seaport Museum believes SeaPerch presents an engaging platform for developing student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical fields. The Museum is committed to furthering SeaPerch program initiatives in the Philadelphia area, and will serve as a mentoring, assembly, education, and testing facility. In addition to mentoring several teams participating in the 2015 SeaPerch Challenge, the Museum will provide a testing tank which any team participating in this year’s challenge can use for competition practice. Outside of the 2015 Challenge, the Seaport Museum is also committed to supporting youth teams, including boy and girl scout groups, interested in building SeaPerch units for educational purposes.

SeaPerch Testing Tank:

Independence Seaport Museum offers 2-hour segments of pool time, Museum and Historic Ships admission for $25 per team. Need a mentor? Schedule your team for 2 hours of pool time and a mentor, along with Museum and Historic Ships admission for only $45 per team. Visits must be scheduled and paid for at time of booking. Payment is non-refundable, but if a team needs to reschedule, call 24 hours prior to your appointment to select a different date and time. One team will be booked for each available time slot.

SeaPerch teams interested in using the Museum's tank, or learning more about our program support, should contact STEAM Coordinator Jennifer Totora at 215-413-8621 or Visits must be scheduled in advance.