Race To The Death

The Steamboat City of Trenton
races the clock and the Steamboat
Twilight, overheats -
with tragic results

 From an unidentified newspaper, August 28, 1901
City of Trenton's Boiler Bursts on the Delaware River.
Passengers Are Hurled Into the Water and Many Rescues Are Made - Report that Boats Were Racing

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 28, 1901. - While the steamboat City of Trenton of the Wilmington Steamboat Company was on her way from here to Trenton, N.J., this afternoon her port boiler exploded, killing 11 persons and injuring more than a score of others. Four passengers are reported missing....
Those of the passengers who were not seamed and scarred by the scalding steam and boiling water were struck by the flying portions of the splintered cabin. Legs and arms were broken, and faces and bodies scalded. The screams of the injured could be heard on shore, and the cries of those who leaped were blown into the river were so heartrending.
So great was the force of the explosion that a piano in the upper drawing rooms of the boat was hurled many feet away from the boat into the river. This proved a fortunate circumstance for many of the injured passengers. Thrown into the water, scalded, and otherwise injured so that they were rendered helpless, they clung to the piano, which had fallen into shallow water, until they were rescued....

New York Times, August 30, 1901

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