Current Projects

Corinthian Sloop

Commenced: Ongoing since, Winter 2014

Designed by Philadelphia Thomas D. Bowes, Naval Architect and built in Holland in 1951. One of eight built for the Corinthian Yacht Club of Essington, PA for competitive sailing on the Delaware River. It is one of three still in existence. Construction is Mahogany on White Oak frames. It is being restored for use in the water in hopes of revitalizing interest in the fleet. 

Cruiser Olympia Skylights

Commenced: Fall 2016

Being of Victorian design and lacking air conditioning, Cruiser Olympia was built with a series of wooden skylights to provide ventilation and natural light to key areas of the crew living spaces - especially for officers.The original 124-year old skylights are currently being restored back to functioning order. These beautifully made skylights will not only improve the visitor experience, but will also provide their original function of ventilating key spaces on the ship during the hot summer season. A total of four original skylights will be restored. 

Cruiser Olympia Tables & Benches

Commenced: Fall 2016

Period-authentic mess tables and benches are currently being replicated for Cruiser Olympia. These benches closely match the original mess tables that would have been present on board during the ship's active service and will serve to interpret the lives of the regular sailors aboard. These will also be used for visitor convenience and Museum programming, allowing for better functionality of the ship in the modern world and a better sensory experience for visitors. 

MisLeading Lady

Commenced: Ongoing since, Fall 2013

MisLeading Lady is a Ventor Runabout, built in Ventnor, NJ in 1926. Owned by George Wimburg, the Workshop on the Water has committed to restoring her to original integrity.

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Beetle Cat Boat

Commenced: Fall 2013

This mid-1970s Beetle Cat Boat was generously donated by a Workshop on the Water volunteer. In her restoration, the Workshop on the Water is replacing damaged frames, rebuilding the centerboard case, recaulking, recanvasing the deck and repainting.