Current Projects

MisLeading Lady

Commenced: Ongoing since, Fall 2013

MisLeading Lady is a Ventor Runabout, built in Ventnor, NJ in 1926. Owned by George Wimburg, the Workshop on the Water has committed to restoring her to original integrity. Over the years, Workshop on the Water staff and volunteers have dont the entire boats, with the exception of the bilge chine.

For more information on MisLeading Lady, go to woodboatbuilder.com.

Beetle Cat Boat

Commenced: Fall 2013

This mid-1970s Beetle Cat Boat was generously donated by a Workshop on the Water volunteer. In her restoration, the Workshop on the Water is replaceming damaged frames, rebuilding the centerboard case, recaulking, recanvasing the deck and repainting.



SAILOR Program

The SAILOR program, an education program based on a hands-on approach to boat building is an acronym for Science and Arts Innovative Learning On the River. Through building harbormaster skiffs, SAILOR students learn core STEAM (an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) concepts. As a result, the SAILOR program encompasses multiple subject areas and engages a wider range of student learning including visual, kinesthetic, auditory, verbal and mathematic by providing a non-traditional classroom setting that allows students to participate in a boat’s construction process.